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Wednesday, January 16, 2008 @ 5:44 AM
Passengers - Waterford Healing Arts Trust

Covered Road (2005) has been invited to take part in Passengers - a group exhibition on the theme of journey curated by a multi-disciplinary team of staff members from the Waterford Regional Hospital. Covered Road has been screened in many diverse places from The Brattle Theatre, Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts to being installed as a single channel video installation at Witness, Studio 6, Temple Bar Galleries, Dublin. This is its first screening in a hospital and on a LCD Monitor. What I find interesting about the exhibition is that the curatorial group are hospital staff from all backgrounds - occupational therapy, mid-wifery, admin, catering and household services - who also had the support of Waterford Healing Arts Trust.

Nurse Grace Staunton (Out Patients Department) impression of Covered Road evokes her own memories of the past and is an example of the research I am currently doing on anamnesis:

'The title suggests this is a road with history, much travelled.
It conveys a journey in tandem with the passing of the seasons.
There is for me the memory of cycling bicycles on a 'covered road' to Woodstown during happy carefree schooldays,
freewheeling for a mile down hill surrounded by trees.'

The exhibition opens next week - January 24th and will continue until 28th Febuary.
It is launched by Dick Warner - environmentalist, writer and broadcaster, who I might find an interesting person to meet, after reading his bio on Wikipedia.

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