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I started this blog in 2007. No one had heard of The Wire and I was making experimental films that a select few saw. My initial tagline for this blog was: 'I write concisely. always. I'm trying to improve this - however, sometimes few words work better'. Then I found Twitter. However, I still post here once a week, so feel free to comment or just to simply say hii.

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Friday, February 19, 2010 @ 5:30 AM
Rialto Twirlers Test Screening
lighthouse cinema test screening - photos taken with nokia e63
Myself and Nicky went to the Light House Cinema this morning to test Rialto Twirlers.
Big Thanks to everyone involved:
The Rialto Twirlers
Kim Donahue
Lee Graham
Tara Kiernan
Sarah McCoy
Shelly Sheridan

Directed by
Anne Maree Barry
Produced by
Nicky Gogan
Director of Photography
Tim Hood
Music Composer
Duncan Murphy
Edited by
Anne Maree Barry
Production Manager
Glen Collins

Assistant Producer
Sinead Ni Bhroin
Sound Recordist
Mark Barry
Focus Puller
Simon Culliton
Richie O Connor
Alba Valles Novella

Production Assistants
Roisin Geraghy
Olly O Neill
Claudia Tormey
Sound Mix
John Fitzgerald
Ardmore Sound
Grade and Online
Eugene McCrystal

Special Thanks to:
The Rialto Twirlers, Denise Lucas, Caroline Hollywood, Siobhan Geoghegan, Noel McDermott, Frank O'Grady, Harper O' Grady Estate Agents.
Rialto Twirlers is supported by The Arts Council, Common Ground and Still Films
© Anne Maree Barry 2010

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010 @ 3:10 AM
Image Magazine & Anne Maree Barry
In her new film, Rialto Twirlers, below, screened to acclaim at this year's Dublin Film Festival, visual artist and filmmaker Anne Maree Barry captures the eponymous Dublin-based majorette troupe preparing for a national competition. It's a deceptively simple notion, one resulting in a captivating, superbly assembled whirl of sheer syncopated fabulousness. Barry's observational work captures, in her words "a creative fusion of the hard graft, skill and energy associated with our pluralistic age in which anything is possible". It's a fascinating, joyful work from an intriguing young talent. www.annemareebarry.com

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Monday, February 1, 2010 @ 9:42 AM
Rialto Twirlers @
The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

16 MM Test Footage Rialto Twirlers from Anne Maree Barry on Vimeo.

Whilst I update my website, (there are bandwidth issues) I have decided to upload some test footage/sketches I made with the help of Kate McCollough in 2008. These were made one sunny May evening, at a workshop at The Firestation Artists Studios. Initially I was going to shoot Rialto Twirlers on film but instead I made the cost-effective decision to shoot on the RED. I am very pleased with the results.

Funnily enough, Kate McCollough is highlighted at JDIFF through the Irish Talent Spotlight Section and Rialto Twirlers is screening at said festival.

Tickets for Rialto Twirlers are available here >>> http://jdiff.ticketsolve.com/shows/23497715/events

I will actually be updating this blog over the next few weeks, very 2004, but I will keep my words to a minimum.

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