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I started this blog in 2007. No one had heard of The Wire and I was making experimental films that a select few saw. My initial tagline for this blog was: 'I write concisely. always. I'm trying to improve this - however, sometimes few words work better'. Then I found Twitter. However, I still post here once a week, so feel free to comment or just to simply say hii.

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Friday, April 25, 2008 @ 5:17 AM
Inner City Pressure

Flight of the Conchords homage to the Pet Shop Boys. On this occasion I am certain that the vocal effect used sounds like an Antares AutoTune similar to Snoop Dogg's Sexual Eruption (thanks to Skkatter - see post Sexual Eruption for more info). With classic lines referring to the monotony of unemployment, The Flight of the Conchords are surpassing my old favourites - The Mighty Boosh.

'You don't measure up to the expectation
When you're unemployed there's no vacation
No one cares, no one sympathizes
You just stay home and play synthesizers.'

I just stay at home and play my stylophone. More on that coming soon.

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