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I started this blog in 2007. No one had heard of The Wire and I was making experimental films that a select few saw. My initial tagline for this blog was: 'I write concisely. always. I'm trying to improve this - however, sometimes few words work better'. Then I found Twitter. However, I still post here once a week, so feel free to comment or just to simply say hii.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008 @ 3:20 PM
kitty kat

My neighbour's cat visits most days. I fed her fresh butter roast turkey from Marks and Spencer's, one morning, and since then, our relationship transformed into food-love (I am her treat feeder). She jumps to my window, from a window at mid level between the ground and first floor of my house. Its a complicated move and quite high but she completes it with ease. I tried to feed her salami from Lidl today but wisely she chose not to eat it. Clever cat.

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